Where It All Started

Digital Express first opened our doors on December 2005 with one goal in mind: to become the best digital printing shop by offering exceptional value combined with world-class customer service.

With only a few production machines in place and less than 5 employees, we began our journey down this road that would eventually evolve into a thriving company. We found our niche as a digital printing provider by primarily focusing on serving the needs of print brokers, graphic artists and traditional offset printers. As our business grew so did our capabilities, service offerings and printing technology. We now offer a full-service lineup of all digital printing needs including any type of commercial/corporate printing, mailhouse services and bindery services. (View full list of services here)

We currently have over 30 employees with 50+ years of combined printing knowledge, so we plan on sticking around to be your long-term printing partner.

Looking Ahead

We are an independently-owned and operated facility, which gives us the freedom to quickly adapt to the changes in the marketplace. Our goals are to stay on the forefront of printing technology and that includes using the new ink jet color technology that has the potential to eliminate toner-based equipment. For our clients this means they get a better quality print at a better price.